Saturday, July 26, 2014

I love you so Emma Jo!

My Dear Sweet Emma Jo,
 I am officially way over due on this years letter and I have been trying, in my mind, to come up with the right words to let you know how truly special you are and how watching you grow into the now 4 year old that you are, has been simply a miracle, I have drafted this letter in my mind, but have never been ready emotionally to put down how proud I am of you and of all your accomplishments this year. I guess it comes down to the fact that if I wrote these words I would have to face the truth that my little, cherub baby is now officially 4. And you see that makes you not so much a baby anymore. I knew this day would be here and that I would somehow look down at your gorgeous blue eyes and somehow you would have grown from that perfectly beautiful newborn into the sassy, independent girlie you are today-I just had no idea it would happen SO FAST.

This year you completed your very first year at CONKLIN pre-school, with Miss Kelly and Miss Michelle as your teachers. You also spent you days in between and after at your most favorite place in the world-Your Katie's. I cant tell you the trials we had trying to get you out the door and how hard it was to drop off my sleepy eyed toddler, often in pjs and a pull-up, to go and help raise other peoples children. However, if there was ever a place that you could call a second home and be loved and be treated nearly as much as your own parents it would be with Matt and Katie. I thank GOD everyday that they serendipitously fell into our lives, making your life better than I could have ever asked for.

You LOVE your Peyton and I have cherished watching you two grow up together, trying to navigate this world and being loyal to a fault with each other. You hate being apart form each other for more then an hour and the few days that has separated you the welcome return is near unexplainable for two souls so young. I hope that this friendship will continue for both your sakes, and that even through the trials that all girlfriends must face you will one day be able to day that she has been by best friend for 40 years.

You took up dance this year at The Fuse dance center and loved being a part of your sassy, determined class of other 3 year olds. You love Miss Maddie and Miss Kendra and have made other fine friends and by the way you stole the show by stealing the mic at the recital. You were too cute for words up there and your smile filled the auditorium. Although it is much too early to determine if this is where your talent will shine in life and can say for Peyton's perspective you 2 are the best dancers and the rest-"are horrible".( Really you are ALL equally paired and adorable).

You give your sister a run for her money. You race her to the bathroom every time she announces that she has to go. If she says that she would prefer a blue toothbrush suddenly that is now your favorite too. You play with her special toys, tell her to "stop botherin' me" and go out of your way to demand her attention-but you also adore her and look up to her and you so want to make her proud and feel special. You two have already developed your own special words and meanings to things and you miss her horribly if she is gone for more than 1 day. You love her with all your heart and when you two cuddle and hug its like my heart has been made whole and I know that you two have been put on this earth for each other.

You have a temper that rings out and shows it nasty face by crossing your arms complete with a foot stomp and "humph". You like to stick out your tongue and pretend it was at someone or something else and you have never admitted to doing anything wrong-ever- even if I caught you red-handed. But you are also so sweet and tenderhearted and loyal and loving and truly a kind girl. You are loved by so many and a huge hit with everyone you come across. You have a fantastic sense of humor and you continue to make Daddy and I laugh out loud everyday. You are SOOO beautiful. Your bright blue eyes and platinum blonde hair stop traffic, and I can't count how many times strangers have stopped me to tell me how absolutely beautiful you are- I often catch myself just staring at you thinking how could this gorgeous girl be mine. I am so grateful that you are SOOO not aware of your beauty and would rather wear a Dora shirt and mismatched leggings as opposed to any fancy dress.

Oh Emma Jo- I love you so! You are my sunshine and I know that you will always know exactly what you want out of life and heaven help anyone or anything that stands in your way.

May you always love binkies, corn, yougart, White Christmas, baby dolls, leggins, squishy pillows, packing bags full of stuff, weird you tube videos, Minnie Mouse, Ponies and Dora.
                       Your Mother Loves you SO MUCH!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fun in Syracuse.

Moira John and I spent a wonderful day in Syracuse over spring break. We headed to her check up with dr. Mary first and then to the DISNEY mall. We had such a great time. We love spring break!

Green gables or bust.

So glad we got to see the fam for our monthly outing at green gables. We all had a blast and love the chance to catch up. Xoxoxo.
Pictures are from our car ride there!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cider mill-Moira and John. Date with Dad!

John and Moira headed to The Cider Mill tonight. The one good thing about Fall in upstate is all the fun places to visit! Emma-Jo and I stayed home And rested since she got her shots today but we are so excited they are bringing us Donuts! P.S. not sure why Moira chose the Minnie Mouse ears, but it did distract her from wanting to change her clothes and dress as a farmer.

Monday, September 24, 2012

I hug you

Aren't these the cutest toes you've ever seen!! I love me some Emma Jo.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cousins for Labor day!

We have a a busy weekend with Moira's birthday and prepping for school to begin. What a wonderful way to finish summer with a visit from the cousins. Moira and Erin are inseparable and have performed many a show;) it's been a wonderful distraction to the usual end of August anxiety and we LOVE being able to see them all more!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Moira the 4 Year Old


I hope when you read this letter years from now, you’ll know how amazing and special you are and even at 4 years old people are SO drawn to you! You are probably the most popular 4 year old in the world. I should have started writing these letters to you 4 years ago but I will try to make up for the first 3 by writing straight from my heart.

Wow! Tomorrow is a very big Day! You will be 4!!! There will be a ROCK N ROLL Party in your honor at Pops’ Sugar Shack right down the road, and you can’t wait to see all of your friends and your cousins are even here from Connecticut.
Let me start by describing you!! First, you are SO smart! You amaze me every day with your questions and reasoning. You always want to know how and why and ask such important questions that keep me wondering exactly how the world works as well. You love to read with you Dad each night and ask such intriguing questions. He is so proud of you and loves your time together. You have an amazing sense of humor! Lately you have been telling knock-knock jokes (some better then others) but you love when everyone laughs along with you.
You are a FASHIONISTA! Most of our disagreements have come from trying to dress you in the mornings and you have learned that you LOVE dresses and skirts and even after of hard day of play you always seem put together. But most important you are sweet, sensitive and empathetic. You truly care for those around you and you hate to see anyone suffer. You offer words of encouragement and praise and I love to hear you tell Emma how proud you are of her small accomplishments. You are a good friend; sister and you never leave anyone out.
            You have achieved so much this year and have so many different talents. You love to sing and dance and put on shows- or ROCK OUT as you call it. You and your father have spent a lot of time riding your 2 wheeler with training wheels and you can make it all away around the block with almost no help.  You enjoy movies and Disney shows and going to the Opera with NANA. You love sleepovers and walking down to your Grammy and Poppas. You LOVE to color and draw and illustrate stories. You are very artistic and creative and we hang almost all of you pictures on the fridge. You danced in your first recital-tap and ballet- and LOVE your friends at Conklin Pre-School.
Moira you are simply my miracle. You have put here on earth for many reasons, but mostly to change me. I have achieved the most important role of a lifetime when you were born-your Momma! I have become a much better person because of you and I never thought possible that love could be this strong. You make me so proud and I love that you love me back. Your entire family can’t get enough of you and everyone wants a little piece of you. That’s usually what hurts me the most, the thought of anyone else getting to share you and your love. Next year at this time I’ll be prepping myself to send you off to kindergarten and I know you are going to be fine-but I’ll be jealous of your new world without your momma. My heart is so full of pride it actually feels that it may explode from love. You tell me all the time that we are BFF’s (best friends forever) and it melts my heart. I even had Cuckoo record you saying it just in case you change your mind someday around age 13.
The world is a scary place and part of me wishes I could freeze time-put us in a bubble and not let anything and anyone near us. But I know you are meant for such bigger things then I could ever offer you and that you will take the world by storm one way or another. I’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way reminding you that no matter what I am on your team. You are my sunshine and my wish come true.
The quote below if from Finding Nemo-  a movie we watched for quite a while until TINKER BELL came out (You now watch that EVERY night-sometimes against your will).
It sums up how I get the nerve up each to day to share you with the world:

Marlin: I promised I’d never let anything happen to him. 

Dory: Hmm. that’s a funny thing to promise. 

Marlin: What? 

Dory: Well, you can never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him. Not much fun for little Harpo.

Moira E. -My First Princess- I LOVE YOU! You are a dream come true!
 Happy Fourth Birthday-

Love your BFF,